With the right companions, you can climb the highest peaks and achieve the most beautiful goals. The taste of our pizza di montagna is also possible thanks to them.


Restaurant AlpiNN - Food Space & Restaurant

At 2,275 meters above sea level in South Tyrol, Restaurant AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant is home to “Cook the Mountain”, the ethical and sustainable cooking philosophy of the three Michelin-starred chef and Green Star for Sustainability, Norbert Niederkofler.

It is from a deep sharing of values that the collaboration with Denis was born, oriented to the study of leavened products dedicated to the aperitif area, such as focacce and schiacciate. It is in this magical place that Care’s – The ethical Chef Days takes place, a project created by the chef and his partner Paolo Ferretti, for other chefs. During the event, starred and non-starred chefs from around the world as well as companies and professionals in the food and wine industry come together with a common goal: taking care of the environment, of the local communities and the rhythm of nature, promoting an ethical and sustainable approach to cooking. An event that alternates moments of debates and discussions with dinners by many hands, proposed by international chefs.

Denis, the only pizza maker invited, participates for the aperitif part, presenting pizzas and focaccias that embrace the fundamental principles of ethics and sustainability, fundamental inspiration of the event.


Rosa Alpina

In the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO natural heritage, the Pizzinini Family manages one of the most prestigious 5* Hotel in the Alps, which offers several exclusive restaurants. In addition to the famous restaurant St. Hubertus (3 Michelin stars and 1 green star for sustainability), of which Norbert Niederkofler is Executive Chef, the Wine Bar & Grill restaurant stands out.

Here, since 2020, Denis manages the pizzeria corner, taking complete care of the gastronomic proposal of pizza and providing, in addition to the product, also dedicated staff and ingredients, thus signing a menu with an ethical approach and strongly linked to the territory.


Molino Agugiaro&Figna

Molino Agugiaro&Figna, a historic mill with a hundred-year tradition, provides flour from a sustainable supply chain, respecting the life cycle and health of the earth and the plant. For this reason, they have recently patented the integrated grinding, which combines the best stone milling and cylinder processes, for high quality products, internationally well known.

Denis, cooperating with Molino, created for his pizza a type of flour which preserves the nutritional values and flavor of the wheat, minimizing mycotoxins and resulting in an easy-to-process product of the highest level.


CHIC - Charming Italian Chef

Denis is part of the CHIC Directors Commettee, here can find information, vision and mission of the Association.


Food Partners

Denis is part of the Food Partners Group, a company specializing in consulting, management, development in the F&B sector. Founded in 2015, by partners of great experience in the service of Great Distribution and catering industry, for the development of the concept of Denis pizzerias in Italy, ensuring the highest potential of quality, product and service.

Food Partners takes care from the management-administrative aspects, up to communication and marketing. In addition, the executive chefs of the company provide their contribution in the design of menus, to ensure the right offer also for special dietary needs.



Consulting company specialized in building and developing sustainable behaviors, generating new business models and solid prospects for success.

The world needs organizations capable of imagining a new future. A future in which success derives from the ability to respond to the new needs of consumers and citizens, to prevent the risks related to environmental and social changes and to collaborate in achieving effective solutions.