Raw materials

Nothing is left to chance, but cared for with passion and patience. Each ingredient is selected at the origin, so as to highly contribute to the harmony of the taste of our pizza di montagna.

ill-Acqua delle Dolomiti

The water of the Dolomites

Our semi-whole wheat flours are mixed with water from the Dolomites.

Can’t believe? Yes, we carry mountain water with us, to guarantee an authentic result. Properly filtered, the water comes from a Karstic spring, emerging from a fracture in the rock, about 400 meters above sea level.

This water has a low fixed residue and its properties are fundamental for the success of the pizza di montagna dough, contributing to the crunchiness of the final result.



We use only highly selected flours, while preparing the dough for Denis’ pizza di montagna. Thanks to the collaboration with Molino Agugiaro&Figna, we use flours produced through a peculiar technique called integrated grinding.

The lightness of the final preparation is also ensured by the special blend of semi-integral flours, that is type 1, obtained thanks to this production method, which preserves flavor and organoleptic integrity.


To every pizza, its season

Taste is also about patience, waiting and respect.

For this reason, we try to use the raw materials that nature makes available to us at different times of the year. Following the seasonality of the ingredients does not only mean making sure that the flavors and nutritional properties are at their peak. It is also our way of moving at the rhythm of the environment which we live in, with love for the food we serve.


Mozzarella d’alpeggio

For our cheeses and mozzarella, we work exclusively with local suppliers, with a supply chain we control up to the livestock. Our mozzarella cheese is produced using traditional methods, long processing times and whey starter, the equivalent of sourdough starter in bread making.

The result is a product with unique flavor and aroma, but also healthier and more digestible.


Herbs and spices

Denis carefully created a one-of-a-kind mix of herbs and spices. These are wild mountain plants of the Belluno Dolomites, hand-picked by the local community in certain seasons and times of the day, in which they retain all their fragrance.

Later, they are dried and finally pulverized, to be sprinkled on the dough, before it is baked. By adhering to the dough, they compensate for its sapidity and create that fifth taste, that very special flavor, known as umami.