The mountain

The places where we come from stay within us forever. We carry them with us, in flavors and memories.

That’s how Denis created a unique pizza.


The mountain inspires

The mountain is made of pristine landscapes and experiences that remain in our memory.

Denis conveyed into our pizza the values and flavors of these places: the genuine raw materials, the persistent flavors, the patience, and the waiting.

The love for nature and the small sustainable choices.



Wit and manual ability are the basis of mountain life and, as far as our pizza is concerned, they contribute to create special flavors, using simple and high-quality elements, avoiding any waste, with the same consistency and patience that mark the seasons.


The source of innovation

It’s exactly from the traditions of the mountain that Denis begins his positive revolution.

Culinary contaminations, creative paths and brilliant insights brought a sophisticated innovation to the world of pizza, which is grafted into simple and wild flavors.