The crispy pizza

Lightness and the sound of taste will be the first clues that will make you realize how crispy and digestible our pizza is. The taste, then, will be the most beautiful discovery.


The sound of taste

You can hear yourself how crispy Denis’s pizza is, but there’s more to it.

We use very little salt in the dough, as we compensate with a mixture of mountain herbs, especially created by Denis, to give each bite a whole new palatability. Meaning? An extra taste, the fifth, which in far East is called umami and stands out from sweet, salty, bitter, sour, making you want to eat more.


Light, in every sense

Not only slight and crispy, but also light, because it is a healthy pizza.

Just 180 grams in our dough, with selected flours, mountain water, a little salt and our aromas. Finally, a long leavening and prolonged cooking, to obtain not only a tasty, but also a much more digestible pizza.


As below, so above

The high quality of the dough is combined with an accurate selection of the other ingredients, which make up rich and refined toppings.

Denis is passionately dedicated to the search for seasonal raw materials, sustainable supply chains or niche excellences, to experiment with combinations of flavors and colors.


A recognized quality

Denis – Pizza di montagna


50 TOP PIZZA – Ranking #24th out of 50 best pizzerias in Italy

FORNO VERDE – Highly sustainable pizzeria – The only green oven in Lombardy

PREMIO BIRRIFICIO PERRELLA AWARD – Performance of the year 2022

Da Ezio


TRE SPICCHI GAMBERO ROSSO – Best pizza tasting of Guida Pizzerie del Gambero Rosso

50 TOP PIZZA – Ranking #23 out of 50 best pizzerias in the world

GREEN OVEN – Highly sustainable pizzeria


S.PELLEGRINO & ACQUA PANNA AWARD – Award for innovation and environmental sustainability


TRE SPICCHI GAMBERO ROSSO – Gambero Rosso Pizza of the year


Since 1977 from Ezio to Denis

The ability to create with your hands, the search for taste and the love for hospitality are part of the family values, that Denis learned while growing up at the restaurant, run by his parents.

They are the seeds of a path that, sprouting, led him to create the pizza di montagna.